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Take the free online investing basics Tour. Help with financial planning and personal investing in mutual funds and stocks.

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Mutual Funds Prospectus
I have to read a mutual funds "What?" before I invest? A Prospectus is an offer to sell shares of a mutual fund. You are required to read the prospectus before investing because it contains pertinent information regarding the fund and the risks of the fund.

Take The Investing Basics Tour

Learn about financial planning and stock investing basics. Take Basicinvest's free tour
. The tour is designed for the person who wants to start investing or wants to increase their persoanl investing knowledge.
Index Mutual Funds
What are these mutual funds and why should I invest in them? Index funds come in all shapes and sizes: sector, large cap, small cap, international, etc..
Capital Gains
Ready to buy mutual funds? Buying now may increase your taxes...
A capital gain is when the fund manager sells a stock in the fund for a profit. The profit (gain) is distributed to the shareholders. The shareholders will have to pay taxes on the distribution on a certain date.
The Most Important Factor To Successful Investing Is...
Finding above average returns? Nope. Starting with a large sum of money? Nope.
How To Budget
Are you having trouble coming up with the money to invest? Try this: Review your day...

Featured Investing Book

Basic Investing Guide For The New Investor 2nd Edition
A must read for the new investor is the only investing source you need to learn about mutual funds, stocks, definitions, and more.

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